The animals, plants, trees, rocks, and every element that surrounds us here this material realm is in constant communication with us. All created things have consciousness and an awareness of itself. A single grain of sand can tell you it’s entire story and each grain of sand has its own tale. The same is true all throughout our natural world. Every drop of rain, each blade of grass has traveled its own path and carries within itself it’s own history, separate and unique from all others of its kind.

Above us the sun, our moon, the planets, solar systems, galaxies and beyond speak to us. There is a language common to all that spring from the void that created all. It is coded in symbols of color and tone and all that is created speaks it. Humanity once lived in harmony with creation and was fluent in the language of all.

The invented logos of the dead corporate world are proxy for the natural. The reason our money is green is that green represents love… but money can’t love us. The color of the heart chakra is green, not by accident, the color of earth is green… and we see the earth does love us. It provides nourishment, comfort and shelter… it provides all our needs.

All the laws we need do not need to be written in a book or enFORCEd, they just are… they are in place and always have been… they are immutable. Not so the laws of man. Corporations seek the destruction of all that is natural and control of all things living. A return to the mother is the only thing that will save us… honoring and respecting all is the only way.


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